School Facilities
School Facilities and Courses Offered
Facilities for the students
  • Library
  • Laboratary
  • Music & Dance
  • Sports & Games
  • Educational tours ,Picnics etc.
  • Value Educational Program
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Book Store
  • Couselling
  • Opportunities for Scholarship exams
  • Public Speaking
Course of Study consists of
  • English, Malayalam & Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • ESocial science
  • Art Education
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Moral Education
  • SUPW
  • Computer Science
  • Dance /Yoga



On all School days the students should wear the School uniform. Uniformity in the School uniform is compulsory in pattern, design and color.
Boys : Half sleeved light blue and white check shirt, navy blue shorts for LKG to class Vth.Half sleeved light blue and White check shirt, navy blue Pants for class VI onwards. Black shoes ,navy blue socks ,school belt and tie wii be compulsory for all classes.
Girls : Half sleeved light blue and white check shirt, navy blue pleated skirt(Pretty coat handed skirt for LKG to class IV)tie, white hair band and school belt for LKG to VI.Light blue and white check Churidar with navy blue overcoat for std VII to X.Black shoes, navy blue socks will be compulsory for all classes. Tied hair with navy blue ribbon both the sides.


Boys : Half sleeved white shirt, white shorts to LKG to class V (pants for class VI onwards).Black shoes, white socks school belt and tie will be compulsory for all classes.
Girls :Half sleeved white Shirt and white pleated skirt(pettycoat handed skirt for LKG to Class IV) Black shoes, white socks school belt and tie for classes LKG to VI, White Churidhar with white overcoat, Black Shoes and socks for Classes VII to X. Tied hair with white ribbon.
A student who come to class in uniform doesn’t must bring a note of excuse in his /her diary signed by his /her parent/guardian or else, him/her liable to be sent home.


  • All students are members of the school library. Strict silence should be observed in the library at all times.
  • Students should not bring any book of their own into the library except their note books and a pen or pencil. A very short summary of the book read must be written in the library note book.
  • Books will be issued to student during the library periods mentioned in the time table.
  • Any book lost must be replaced or duly compensated for fines will be levied for damage to books borrowed.
  • Reference books and other books like the Dictionary and Encyclopedia etc.cannot be taken home. They are to be read only in the library.
  • Books should be returned on or before the due date indicated on them without fail.
  • No book magazine or news papers should be taken out without the permission of the liberation.


  • Silence should be observed while doing practical in the laboratory.
  • The instructions giving by the teacher must be followed.
  • Students will be responsible for any breakage or loss of the apparatus which is used in the experiment. Every breakage or loss should immediately be reported to the teacher.
  • Students shall bring to laboratory proper record books and observations note books and shall record all observations immediately after the experiments are performed.
  • Students will hand over the chemicals and apparatus taken for the experiment to the teacher when the experiment is over. They shall not taken out or bring in any chemicals or instruments to the laboratory.
  • Students shall strictly adhere to safety rules & regulations while in Laboratory.


  • Pupil should wait for the school bus in their respective collecting centers on the road side at least five minutes earlier. The bus pass is to be brought to bus daily. If anybody is found missing at the time of departure of the bus he/she will be responsible for it.
  • No signing or shouting or throwing articles out of the bus or making comments on the people outside is allowed in the school bus. Strong and prompt disciplinary action will be taken against those pupils who misbehave in the school bus.
  • Pupils who fail to remit the bus fare in due time will not be allowed to travel in bus. Bus charges should be paid in advance.
  • The school bus service will be as usual-in the morning and evening days. Children must enter the bus in queue system.


  • The school provides ample opportunities for students to take part in different co-curriculum activities and thereby develop qualities of self expression,selfconfidence,self discipline,purposefulness,endurance,decision making etc.which all are needed for a full and fruitful life.
  • The school is grouped into four houses for the purpose of different activities and inter-house championship trophy is awarded to the house that scores highest number of points in the school year. Pupils are also given training in Music, Dance, and Yoga, Drawing, Painting and other art forms.
  • Inter-house debates and Quiz competitions, talent show inter-house games and athletic and cultural competitions are the regularly features of the school year. Students are to participate in these activities whole heartedly and must participate at least in two items as per the general instructions given by the school authorities.

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